Jumping Person

Jo Perkins

Jo Perkins

I’ve spent most of my life motivating people to enjoy learning. I ran my own language training business and taught art and literature in schools and universities in Paris, France. I was head of critical thinking in an international school and I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. I’m naturally playful and have always found that using laughter is the best way to soften people’s defenses and encourage a growth mindset (especially in grumpy teens!).

While staying on an eco retreat in rural France I took a Laughter Yoga class. I loved the group energy, the playful routines and the fact that it burned calories faster than on a rowing machine! Laughter as a form of exercise felt like cheating; it felt rebellious.

I am now a qualified Laughter Yoga teacher and a working artist. I find that laughing with all kinds of people in such a physical way is the perfect counterpoint to quietly focusing on my creative practice in my art studio. Laughing together makes people kinder and more open. It frees us from our inhibitions and creates complicity. It also helps us to put life into perspective.

Life’s been complex of late, so beat the blues with friends, colleagues or strangers and join the Laughter Rebels today!